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Challenges in Implementing Assessment and Management of Data Limited Stocks and Fisheries: IIFET Open Session & Stakeholder Perspectives Public Deposited

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  • A series of session stakeholder presentations will address the current status, challenges, needs and future perspectives for implementation of management and ecological / economic assessment of data poor fish stocks and fisheries in management advice. This covers methods, simulation models and management strategy evaluation (MSE) tools to conduct assessment and evaluate economic efficiency and risks in exploiting data poor stocks caught in mixed, small scale, and indigenous fisheries. Focus is on accessibility of models and their development to ensure widespread and open access availability, user-friendly model operation, and efficient widespread adoption and implementation of those by scientists, stakeholders, and managers. Additional focus is on the data requirements for those models. The presentations will also address ways to link economic assessments, risk assessment and MSE with biological (ecological) assessment of stock status according to sustainable harvest levels in those data limited situations and systems to provide robust assessment and advice – and maybe even integrated ecological-economic advice? Invited stakeholder representatives from fishing industry, fisheries management, fisheries advice (ICES) and fisheries biological and economic science will present their perspectives and views on the above challenges."
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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