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Distance Education: Wildland Fire Courses, Masters of Natural Resources [University of Idaho]

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  • This symposium consists of presentations and discussions looking to the future of natural resources distance learning concepts. Key issues that will be discussed include: faculty development, technology roles - from remote imaging transmitted to the classroom to iPod lecture series and field assignments, credit transfer among Consortium members, faculty recruitment, funding course development, and innovation in course delivery. The epicenter of discussion is meeting the needs of students currently employed who cannot afford time or cost to relocate at a university campus to complete graduate courses or degree programs, meeting needs of natural resource agencies (federal, state and local), and future roles of professional societies (professional licensing and certifications). Among the futures issues will be presentations on meeting the needs of the agencies with hybrid (on-line and in the field) courses, Blended Learning (using multiple media technologies to teach a single lesson), and the new role of the employee’s career development system, e.g. DoILearn (Department of the Interior) and AgLearn (Department of Agriculture). Presenters will introduce issues the Consortium faces such as, developing and maintaining active course listings, common structure to on-line course listings, “what our students want, and what our agency clients want!”, “academic credits from accredited institutions”; understanding Learning and Content Management Systems with focus on knowledge, skills and abilities, and linkages between extension faculty and faculty in graduate programs. Presenters also will focus on the contemporary issues of faculty recruitment and development, linkages between the Land Grant/McIntire-Stennis natural resource colleges to the State Colleges, and private sector venders contracting to Federal and State agencies. The NRDL Consortium Policies and Procedures (draft) will be introduced. Consortium members: Virginia Tech, Stephen F. Austin State University, North Carolina State University, University of Tennessee – Martin, Oregon State University, Penn State University, University of Idaho, University of Montana, and Northern Arizona University.
  • Presented at the Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium Symposium.
  • Keywords: fostering innovation, technology roles, faculty development, course development, wildland fire courses, line learning
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  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA
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