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  • In the last three decades coastal fishery has created employment, provided a supply of good quality animal protein for Thai people. The fishery resources of Thailand are treated as common property, anyone can take benefit from these resources. They are, therefore, heavily exploited by fishers who employ various types of fishing gear. Arising from the development of Thai coastal fishery and the increasing in number of coastal fishers, two severe problems, i.e., the fishery resources depletion problem and the conflicts among fishers problem now exist. So far, the management of coastal fishery is centralized. The Department of Fisheries (DOF) is the sole agency in managing coastal fishery and all of the management measures has established by the DOF without consulting with the fishers or other stakeholders. Thus, the DOF is hardly to get a satisfy success in coastal fishery resources conservation and management. Therefore, in order to achieve the sustainable development of coastal fishery, a new approach of management should be considered. In late 1993, with the financial support of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto is invited to Thailand for providing technical assistances on community-based fishery management, fishing right and decentralization management to DOF officials and instructors of the Faculty of Fisheries. In early 1994, the DOF set up several committees for establishing a decentralize management. Owing to the reshuffle of the DOF Director General and the economic crisis of the country, the progress of the development is very limited although the present Constitution is clearly mentioned that the government has to manage the natural resources and environment through decentralization. In late 2003, with political reason, the DOF is pushed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives to develop fishery co-management and fishing rights system for coastal fishery. Then, several committees again have been established and each committee has his own assignment. Many instructors from universities and stakeholders are invited to be a member of committees. To support the decentralization approach, a Provincial Fishery Management Committee is established in every coastal province with the mandate of managing the fishery in provincial fishing ground. The members of provincial committee include small-scale fishers, commercial fishers, chairman of Tumbon (Sub-district) Administrative Organization (TAO), instructor from universities, researcher from DOF and other stakeholders. Instructors and researchers act as technical advisor only and they will not engage in committee voting. At present, Thai Fisheries Cooperatives are not active in fishery management due to the constraints on legal framework and fisheries cooperatives management. To develop the decentralization management in Thailand may require time and considerable cost because there are many problems to be solved. This is the great challenges to everybody concern.
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  • Juntarashote, Kungwan. 2004. Decentralized management the new approach of thai coastal fishery management. In: Proceedings of the Twelfth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade, July 20-30, 2004, Tokyo, Japan: What are Responsible Fisheries? Compiled by Ann L. Shriver. International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, 2004. CD ROM. ISBN 0-9763432-0-7
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