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Coastal vulnerability assessment, adaptation and mitigation opportunities in climate hotspots in Kerala, India Public Deposited

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  • Climate change has multi-dimensional impacts on environmental, fisheries, social, economic and development drivers and it necessitates governments in developing appropriate mitigation and adaptation plans. Climate change hot spots –are ‘live labs’ where climate change impacts and its manifestations are observed “first”. The South west India has been recognised as one among the twenty four hot spot regions identified globally. The study assessed the coastal vulnerability of over 800 coastal households using 198 attributes – exposure (36), sensitivity (37) and adaptive capacity (125) across climate hotspots for the two identified marine hotspots, viz, Elamkunnapuzha and Poonthura /Beemapally panchayats in Kerala, India .The results revealed that majority of the fisher households in both the villages were highly vulnerable to climate change with vulnerability of Poonthura (2.85) higher than Elankunnapuzha (2.80). In addition, the individual household vulnerability indices were calculated and were classified into low, moderate, high and very high with geo-spatial distribution and mapped using Open domain Quantum GIS (QGIS). The study assessed the Alternative Livelihood Options (ALOs) in determining the adaptation and mitigation plan. The alternative livelihood option identified included daily wages jobs, small scale industries, service sector, aquaculture enterprises, value addition and entrepreneurships. More than 69.52% of the households required alternative livelihood option supports along with training needs. The study suggests the need for bottom up planning process with Local Self Government (LSG) leads. The study developed multi stakeholders platform Climate Resilient Village Adaptation and Mitigation Plans (CReVAMP) aimed at sensitising and improving the resilience of community towards climate change.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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