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Trade-off between value of landings and discard impact Public Deposited

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  • Industries extracting natural resources are confronted with a trade-off between maximizing their income and limiting their impact on the ecosystem they exploit. Commercial fisheries produce negative impact via their pressure on the seabed and the additional mortality from discarding. One approach to limit the discarding impact is to introduce discard bans. The introduction of the Landing Obligation in the European Union is an example of this, and European fishers are currently under increased pressure to limit their unwanted catches which would previously have been discarded. Recent access to high resolution fishing data from sea-packing vessels has been made available to us from voluntary fishers in Denmark. The data contain size specific information at the haul level which makes it possible to calculate the expected value of the landings. Additionally, several of the vessels have discard data from a Remote Electronic Monitoring trial available to us too. Coupling these datasets we investigate the potential linkage between the value of landings compared with the discard impact generated by the fishing activities. Identifying discard hotspots and highlighting areas which generate high or low value to the fishers may detect scenarios where suboptimal decision making can be leveraged to optimize spatial selectivity and limit unwanted catches.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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