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Co-drying of the hydrolyzed fish protein solution for use in animal feed : an economical approach for small-scale fishery industries

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  • Low-value fish/ fishery by-products are potential economic resources for developing animal feeds. Accordingly, fish protein hydrolyzed technology is an excellent way to provide protein sources for animal nutrition. However, the nutritional quality and applying this new feed supplement are severely related to the production stages and next characteristics of agricultural by-products. The purpose of this study was feed product development and nutritional evaluation of a new feed based on 60% fish protein hydrolyzed and 40% of agricultural by-products. An economic assessment of the feed was carried out. The influence of the feed on performance, intestinal microbiology, and immunity of broiler chickens was also studied. The results indicated that the feed product contained 58.23% protein, 16.18% fat, 8.85% moisture, and 9.10% ash of dry weight. After 180 days, there were no yeast and mold in the samples and it was still pathogen-free. The protein content remained stable within this period. Total essential and non-essential amino acids were 19.41g/ 100g and 20.36 g/ 100g of dry weight respectively. The new feed exhibited significant essential fatty acids. Using the fish protein hydrolyzed-based feed on broilers’ diet indicated that, the dietary inclusion of the feed up to 7.5% had no negative effect on productive traits of broilers at the age of 42 days old, as well as cellular immune responses. Meanwhile, using this new feed product lowered the intestinal number of some harmful intestinal bacteria. The production of this new feed is economical and it reduces environmental problems and provides a sustainable feed chain.
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  • Vigo, Galicia, Spain
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