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Gauging fisher women empowerment through non-fisheries enterprises and group activities through Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF), Kerala, India Public Deposited

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  • Women empowerment, an active multidimensional process enabled the women in accessing greater autonomy in decision making , ability to plan their lives. In Kerala women play an important role in the fisheries sector due to their involvement in fishery related activities. Even though women engage in wide range of activities in fisheries, their crucial role always remains unacknowledged. Diversified non- fisheries enterprises and group activities are implemented in Kerala through Society for Fisherwomen ( SAF) for facilitating and handholding the fisherwomen to engage in gainful self-employment for their economic and social emancipation and thereby providing assistance for their livelihoods by expertising their business development skill, resource utilisation, performance improvement, networking and marketing. The present study gauges the empowerment levels of more than 400 fisherwomen involved in these groups across two time periods viz., prior to joining the society and the current status. In addition the perception of the leader- follower, group cohesiveness and future requirements for these groups was also pointed out in the study. The results indicated that economic independences and their ability in decision making is steadily increasing through their efficient performance in working in groups with improved empowerment. The Pearson correlation strengthens the relationship between the leader- followers and identified that they have been accepted as good leaders in society. The study also established the pivotal role of these non-fisher enterprise groups in achieving the goals of empowering fisherwomen and developing sustainable and commercially viable business models.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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