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Research reports : 79th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference Public Deposited

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  • Proceedings of the 79th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference, held January 6-7, 2020 at the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon. These are research reports only, not management recommendations.
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  • Portland, Oregon, USA
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  • J. K. Rendon. Update on Oregon’s Japanese Beetle Eradication Program / F. A. Alzahrani, A. J. Colton, R. J. Mc Donnell. Elucidating Key Aspects of the Biology of Select Species of Snail-Killing Flies (Diptera: Sciomyzidae) in Oregon (Poster) / A. J. Colton, M. Cordoba, M. L. Klein, R. J. Mc Donnell. Abundance and Life History of the Invasive Slug Deroceras reticulatum in Fields of Annual Ryegrass Grown for Seed in Western Oregon and Implications for Pest Management (Poster) / K. V. Graham, J. C. Lee. Silicon Supplementation: An Alternative Method to Control Azalea Lace Bug? / G. Galindo, J. Renkema, J. Lee. Alyssum and Spotted Wing Drosophila / S.-J. Ahn, H-W. Oh, J. Corcoran, M.-Y. Choi. Sex-Biased Gene Expression in Antennae of Drosophila suzukii / B. Barker, L. Coop, T. Wepprich, F. Grevstad. DDRP: A New Platform to Model Phenology and Risk of Establishment / L. Coop, B. Barker. A New Phenology Model for Bronze Birch Borer / K. Park, G. Boyer, J. Yeo, Z. Hopkins, V. Walton. Spatial Distribution of Drosophila Suzuki / A. Schreiber. Emerging Pests of Berries / T. Keyes, H. Andrews, E. Rudolph, A. Mugica, N. Wiman. Biology and Morphometrics Of the Pacific Flatheaded Borer / P. Chakrabarti, R. Sagili. Using A Multi-Omics Approach to Understanding Bee Nutritional Physiology and Dietary Spectra / E. Carlson, A. Melathopoulos, R. Sagili. Use of Hazard Quotient in Pesticide Risk Estimation for Honeybees / A. P. Melathopoulos, S. Ates. Evaluating the Nectar and Pollen Resources for Honeybees in Western Oregon Non-Irrigated Pasture Systems / S. Kincaid, L. R. Best, C. Feuerborn, C. Marshall, A. P. Melathopoulos. Oregon Bee Atlas: Oregon’s First Inventory of Native Bees / E. Chapkin, H. Lucas, J. A. Adams, J. B. Mueller, R. R. Sagili. Evaluating Altruistic Behavior in Honeybees Infected with Nosema Ceranae (Poster) / K. J. Grant, J. Myer, T. Peerbolt, A. P. Melathopoulos. Current Guidelines for Predicting Honeybee Colony Populations from Flight Entrance Counts Underestimate Colony Strength for Pollinating Highbush Blueberry / S. Flanagan. IR-4 Integrated Solution Projects (Poster) / D. I. Thompson, S. I. Rondon. Alternative Treatments for Controlling Seen Corn Maggot in Direct Seeded Onions / S. I. Rondon. Insect Pests of Industrial Hemp Plants in Oregon / D. Walsh. Integrated Pest Management of Weevils 2019 / T. Oppedisano, S. I. Rondon. Role of Hemipterans Moving Phytoplasmas from Crop to Crop in the Columbia Basin / J. Green. OSU Vegnet: A Fond Farewell or PNW Sales Pitch? / T. Waters, D. Horton, R. Cooper, C. Wohleb. Do Lygus Cause Economic Damage to Potatoes? / N. Kaur, W. R. Cooper, J. Duringer, A. Rashed, I. E. Badillo-Vargas, G. Esparza-Dίaz, D. D. Cook, D. R. Horton. Eliminating a Symbiotic Fungus from Psyllicidal convovulaceae Allows Successful Development of Potato Psyllid / G. Shrestha, S. I. Rondon. Does Columbia Basin Landscape Composition Influence Lygus Bugs Pest Pressure and Natural Enemies’ Populations in Potatoes? / A. Schreiber. Developing an Insect IPM Program for Washington Potatoes / J. Defrancesco, B. Gerdeman, H. Spitler, C. Holladay. Pesticide Residue Decline in Caneberries / C. Coslor, B. Gerdeman. Mating Disruption of Obliquebanded Leafrollers (Choristoneura Rosaceana, Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Washington Blueberry / J. Lee, E. Rutkowski, M-Y. Choi. Sweetly Control Spotted Wing Drosophila / J. Lee, H. Mcintosh, G. Galindo, V. Skillman. Sweetly Enhance the Samurai Wasp / A. Schreiber. Controlling Spotted Wing Drosophila in Berries / E. Rudolph, H. Andrews, N. Wickman. Aphid Management and Biological Control / M. Davis, C. Park. Biocontrol Misconceptions: A Summary
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