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  • Demand for science and advice to address economic considerations is increasing, but the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) does not engage many economists or address economic issues in many member countries. The Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension (SIHD) has raised the profile of economics, but no existing Expert Group addressing economic issues focuses on developing the economic metrics and core economic analyses that are demanded in the ICES network (e.g. further development of ecosystem overviews) and by some ICES clients. Outcomes of recent meetings reflect the need to expand economics work in ICES, as do high aspirations for Blue Growth globally, the interest in managing fisheries for Maximum Economic Yield and a desire to understand economic consequences of human-induced changes in the sea. ICES ecosystem overviews would be more complete with economic metrics and would better recognise people and their livelihoods as part of the ecosystem. Aquaculture science will also require economic inputs. The authors are co-chairs of a new ICES expert working group on Economic science established to begin addressing these needs within ICES. The group first meets in June 2018 and will report to the Human Activities, Pressures, and Impacts Steering Group. This presentation will review the terms of reference of the new WGECON, initial progress made during the first meeting of the group, and present thoughts about the challenge of bringing fisheries economics right into the heart of ICES, its science and advice.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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