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  • Fisheries products are the worlds most widely traded foods. Despite the fact that global demand for fish and fishery products continues to rise every year, fish export from the developing world have faced many limitation from non-conformity with international standards to inadequate product certification. As international fisheries trade grows, governments, industry and fishers face the reality of a complex web of international trade, environmental policy and legal instruments. The objective of this study was to examine current trend in fisheries trade as it relates to product quality. The methodology used involved different approaches including secondary data, interview of processors, regulatory agents to unveil grey areas in quality of fisheries products. Results showed that there are several public/private standards and certifications involved in fisheries. These standards pose export challenges for developing countries who often find it difficult to meet the requirements of certification bodies as a result of steep certification fees, inadequate data, and small-scale business models. Consequently, up to 20 million metric tons of fish annually is either declared unfit for human consumption, destroyed or rejected at international market due to sub-standard quality problems. Furthermore, some countries are now banned from international trade due to non-compliance with international fishing standards. Poor quality practices in fisheries activities and processing contribute to economic loss in fish trade among the stakeholders. Developing countries need to intensify ways to gain credence of quality standards and certification bodies in order to compete better at international trade.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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