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Non-Cooperative Decision of Fishery Amounts in Integrated Markets: Generalized Version Public Deposited

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  • Using theoretical trade model of generali equilibrium, the paper consider non-cooperative decision of interior solutions of fishery amounts and resource price under integrated market price as constraints. The paper proved non-existence of interior solitions equilibrium under the conditions with very generalized robustness in not only stationary equilibrium but also transition process. The result can be applied as non-justification of distribution of non-tradeable fishing quota to each country. ICCAT and many RFMO tends to introduce distribution of (at least across the border) non-tradeable fishing quotas to each country, although many countries tends to introduce individual tradeable quota under domestic markets. This paper suggests the importance of making not only intra-national but also international fishing quota markets like international carbon dioxide markets.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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