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Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs) for Recreational Fisheries Public Deposited

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  • Under the Global Environmental Facility, the overarching framework for the Caribbean Billfish Project (CBP), fishery science experts have developed a tool, the FPIs, to rapidly assess the generation of ecological, economic and community wealth from commercial fisheries, and to identify the management structures, governance methods, and regulatory instruments that promote successful wealth generation. This tool has been used to profile over 100 commercial fisheries across the world. Recently, recreational FPIs were developed by the same group of researchers with development and piloting help from additional recreational fisheries experts. The FPIs include 90 measures to assess wealth accumulation on 11 dimensions of stock, harvest industry performance, and support industry performance; and 64 measures of enabling factors—including management and governance—to associate with variation in wealth outcomes. Each measure is scored on a one-to-five scale using data where possible, but relying primarily on informal discussion with fishery participants that are then scored by a fisheries expert. This feature makes it particularly well suited to applications in data-poor countries and for quick response times. The recreational FPI test cases covered billfish fisheries in Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas, and the lessons learned in the test cases were applied to the two CBP pilot countries of Grenada and the Dominican Republic. This presentation will briefly introduce the methodology and detail the preliminary results developed in the recreational FPI application in the Caribbean.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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