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Effect of Trap Soak-Time on the Trap-Selectivity Profile and By-Kill in Prawn-Trap Fisheries Public Deposited

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  • Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans seeks to manage British Columbia’s prawn fishery by limiting the season length, vessel entry, and the number of prawn traps per vessel. However, fishers can still adjust their effort by increasing the number of trap lifts during the season. This study examines the effect of trap soak-time on size-selectivity, looks at how it translates to by-kill, and reviews the traditional management responses. The management recommendations in this paper focus on optimizing the interaction between CPUE, by-kill, enforcement costs, and fisher responses. Peer’s law (the solution to a problem changes the problem) predicts that trying to solve a fishery common-property resource problem only changes the problem’s expression. Thus, limiting entry changes a too-many-fishers issue to a capital-stuffing problem, limiting gear changes a capital-stuffing problem to a gear-use issue, and regulating gear use leads to other problems and ever more micro-management. Thus, regulation and related costs have become part of the problem of rent dissipation and poverty in fishery dependent communities. Efforts to fine-tune regulations in BC’s prawn fishery have led to an ever expanding spiral of costly, clumsy, and intrusive regulations, enforcement, and related procedures that dissipate resource rents, frustrate fishers, and ultimately are ineffective in protecting the resource and/or the associated jobs. The best way out of this morass appears to be for managers of sedentary species to confine their efforts to macro-management regulations that focus on limiting the consequences of fishing and ensuring that individual fishers endure the consequences of their actions.
  • Keywords: Prawn fishery, by-kill, gear-use, selectivity profile, soak-time, rent-dissipation.
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  • Wright, C.S. and P. Panek. Effect of Trap Soak-time on the Trap-selectivity Profile and By-kill in Prawn-trap Fisheries. In: Microbehavior and Macroresults: Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, July 10-14, 2000, Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Compiled by Richard S. Johnston and Ann L. Shriver. International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET), Corvallis, 2001.
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  • Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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  • Shriver, Ann L.
  • Johnston, Richard S.
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  • International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade; U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service; MG Kailis Group
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