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Risk Taking and Fishing Safety: Evaluation Efforts by the National Marine Fisheries Service Public Deposited

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  • When fisheries management creates the incentive to “race for fish”, a fishing season can be reduced to only a few days and involve around-the-clock fishing in life-threatening weather conditions. Catch shares management, or the individual allocation of tradeable fishing quota, can improve safety by reducing economic incentives to fish as rapidly as possible. This presentation will discuss the modeling framework and established research that will serve as the basis for a series of case studies and a meta-analysis. The framework relies on identifying behavior that is "risky", and modeling the effects that the policy has on risk-taking. In this case, we use the propensity to fish in poor weather conditions as a proxy for risk. One published case study shows that catch shares reduced fishing in poor weather by 79%.
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  • Seattle, Washington, USA
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