Data for Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash

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  • This repository item contains the files needed to reproduce the results reported in the published work entitled "Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash" in the Journal of Geophysical Research. As described in the publication, the results described within it pertain to simulations of wave runup for various configurations of beaches using various idealized surface gravity wave conditions. All discussed results pertain to a model-generated data set using the publically-available code "funwavec" for wave propagation and runup calculations (see to download the code). The files provided herein are input files or post-processing code that can be used to re-create the entire model data set that was utilized in the publication. More specifically, the provided files are: 1. funwaveC_master: control file to run the simulations including the seeds to the random number generator 2. funwaveC_pre: to generate bathymetry and input files for funwaveC 3. funwaveC_runup_postProcessing: post-processing code to determine runup values 4. wavemakerInput.csv: Combinations that were simulated in this paper
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  • Garcia Medina, G, Ozkan-Haller, H. T., Ruggiero, P., Holman, R. A., Li, C. (2020) Data for Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash [Dataset]. Oregon State University.
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  • Funding for this work was rovided by the National Science Foundation under award OCE-1459049
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  • Garcia-Medina, G., H. T. Ozkan-Haller, P. Ruggiero, R. A. Holman, and C. Li, 2020: "Runups of unusual size: rogueness and variability of swash". Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans.



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