Zooplankton in Upper Willamette Reservoirs, 2015 Public Deposited

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  • Samples targeting crustacean zooplankton were collected from 3 upper Willamette Basin reservoirs during May-August 2015. Van Dorn sampling devices were used to collect samples at discrete depths from Fall Creek Reservoir, Lookout Point Reservoir, and Hills Creek Reservoir. Zooplankton samples were collected during daytime and nighttime corresponding with the new moon phase to evaluate zooplankton diel migration in these reservoirs. Zooplankton were visually identified using a microscope and the quantity found at each depth was recorded. Density was calculated for each taxa identified per sample collected. This dataset also includes environmental parameters such as temperature, light, and chlorophyll corresponding to sample collection date.
  • Context: This research was conducted to evaluate the occurrence and magnitude of zooplankton diel migrations during summer months in low-productivity reservoirs located in the upper Willamette Basin, Oregon. Zooplankton are a critical component of freshwater ecosystems and serve as the food source for many other species including ESA listed Chinook salmon populations. Therefore, determining zooplankton locations and movements is essential for food web analyses.
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  • Murphy, C.A., Pollock, A.M.M., Strecker, A.L., and Johnson, S.L. (2022). Zooplankton in Upper Willamette Reservoirs, 2015. Oregon State University.
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  • 17090001 -- Middle Fork Willamette. Oregon.
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  • Funding was provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers [grant number JPL 14-02-SYS], US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and Oregon State University.
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  • Associated manuscript, "High daytime zooplankton capturability; minimal diel migration in low productivity reservoirs, Oregon", is under review for publication.
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  • Pending Publication
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  • 2022-03-10 to 2022-08-03



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