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The Chinese Six Companies in the Anti-Chinese Movement Public Deposited

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  • The topic of this paper is the Anti-Chinese Movement which happened in the 19th century in the United States. On the one hand, this paper explores and proves that although numbers of Chinese immigrants were described as passive victims in the movement by American contemporary press and scholars, the Chinese Six Companies, official name is called the Chinese benevolent consolidated society, was the leading resistance in the Chinese community in response to the Anti-Chinese Movement, and it enjoyed a considerable success. On the other hand, this paper also challenges the idea that the Chinese Six Companies, as historians Jean Pfaelzer, Alexander McLeod, and some American press depicted, was the primary organization in the Chinatown that participated in the Coolies Trade. The role of the Chinese Six Companies, as YuCheng Qin argues, has become an over century puzzle for American Scholars. Hence, this paper would illustrate that the Chinese Six Companies was a pure, benevolent society by using both Chinese and American primaries sources. Moreover, the studying of the unfair accusations against the Chinese Six Companies also can reflect the reason why the Anti-Chinese Movement happened. Thus, the Chinese Six Companies is an important intermediary agent for scholars to understand the racial conflicts behind the Anti-Chinese Movement.
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  • Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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