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Theses and dissertations on the geology of Oregon : bibliography and index, 1899-1982

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  • The present bibliography is the third compilation by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) of theses and dissertations containing information on the geology of the state. It follows and incorporates the Bibliography of Theses on Oregon Geology by H.G. Schlicker (DOGAMI Miscellaneous Paper 7, 1959) and the Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations on Oregon Geology from January 1, 1959 to December 31, 1965, by M. Roberts (Supplement to DOGAMI Miscellaneous Paper 7, 1966). The considerable in­crease in the number of titles, from 137 in Schlicker and 70 in Roberts to the present 662 titles, reflects both the welcome growth of geologic study of the state and renewed attempts to improve the completeness of the older bibliographies. The years "1899-1982" in the title are meant to indicate that the listed titles are dated within this time span. We have not found any thesis dated before 1899; and we know that theses completed in most recent years, especially 1982, did not all come to our attention before this bibliography went to press. This compilation consists of an alphabetic list by author and an index map. Entries are numbered in sequence, and the index map is keyed to those numbers. For most theses, the numbers are placed on the map, as exactly as practicable, in the coun­ties, quadrangles, or quadrangle portions of the respective study areas. In those cases where the study area is too large or where the subject cannot be located geographically, the thesis numbers are listed under a few index categories on the map margin. The DOGAMI library maintains a growing collection of significant theses and dissertations for in-house use. About 56 percent of the titles listed here are currently in this collection. Abstracts of new acquisitions are periodically printed in DOGAMI's monthly magazine Oregon Geology. Apart from access through the libraries of degree-granting institutions, copies of many doctoral dissertations and a growing number of master's theses are available from University Microfilms Inter-national at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The compilation of this bibliography has been aided con­siderably by the information supplied by a great many geosci­ence departments in colleges and universities across the coun­try. We are deeply grateful to all of them for their cooperation.
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