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Issues surrounding the Biota of the Tualatin River Basin Public Deposited

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  • Tributaries of the Tualatin River cascade down high gradient slopes for relatively short distances, then flow into the low gradient mainstem which meanders for much of its length. The gentle, east-facing slopes of Oregon's Coast Range provide the geomorphic and climatic template for the watershed's patterns of discharge, water quality, and biological distribution. Human activity has altered this stream for over 150 years. Navigation, agriculture, and dam diversion at Lake Oswego were early impacts on Tualatin tributaries and mainstem. Demands from increasing urban development, such as domestic water use and streamside development, are likely to further exacerbate alterations to flow regimes, in-stream structure, and channel morphology. Biological communities within the stream as well as organisms inhabiting adjacent riparian vegetation and hillslopes are influenced strongly by physical processes across the entire watershed (Gregory et al 1991). From upslope headwaters through meandering mainstem, the biota comprise a continuum of organisms whose composition, quantity, and diversity reflect upstream and downstream phenomena (Vannote et al. 1980). In this report we will emphasize this landscape perspective by considering patterns of physical and biological processes across the entire basin. The purpose· of this report is to review the available information on the Tualatin River basin biota, to suggest the kinds of biological data still needed, and to identify potential problems related to recovery of biological integrity in this watershed.
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