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  • With over three billion pounds of berries grown nationally each year, strawberries are an important economic contributor to agriculture in the US (Grubinger, 2012). However the strawberry industry in Oregon has been in a period of transition over the past few years. Strawberry acreage, planted and harvested, as well as yield and production dropped over 2004 to 2014 while the value per harvested acre was up overall (Beeles, 2015). Despite this Oregon remained the number three producer of strawberries in the nation (Beeles, 2015; Losh, 2017). While there are vast amounts of information published on the strawberry industry in California and Florida, significantly less is known about the strawberry industry in Oregon. The objective of this project is to: guide future research, improve collaboration between extension, industry, and growers to meet growers needs through the completion of a needs assessment survey.
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  • Special thanks to the Oregon Strawberry Commission for funding this project.

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