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Campus Connections to White Supremacy : The Role of Archivists in Reconciliation through Community Engagement and Historical Research Public Deposited

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  • Presentation at the Northwest Archivists Conference, Warm Springs, Oregon, on April 27, 2018. In recent years, more and more communities, including colleges and universities, across the United States are challenging the existence of memorials and place names associated with the confederacy and white supremacy. Archivists and special collections librarians are often called upon to provide historical context, and have the opportunity to engage their communities in productive and transformative discourses. In addition to an overview of campuses across the United States engaging their communities in efforts to reconcile current values of inclusion and diversity with their racist histories, as a case study, attendees will learn about the Building and Places Names Evaluation process at Oregon State University. Attendees will be able to adapt the information learned, including elements of the process such as developing evaluation criteria, providing historical research assistance, designing and implementing a community engagement plan, and planning for permanent education accessible to community members, to achieve successful collaborations within their own communities.
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  • Warm Springs, Oregon, USA
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