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“Meet the Mobile Shoe Rack!”: Analyzing Videos of Participant Behavior Public Deposited

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  • The science of how people interact socially with robots is still fairly young. One area of ongoing study is how people figure out the way the robot works -- that is, form a "mental model" of the robot. We are especially ignorant of how this happens over time, starting with a first impression and then adjusting from new experiences with the robot. This study focuses on one part of the mental model: how do people figure out the robot's *capabilities*, like whether it can see or hear? This is important because, for example, it influences people's judgment of whether the robot is a privacy threat that could collect their personal information. This ongoing study looks at yoga students interacting over several months with a piece of robotic furniture -- a mobile shoe rack -- that they've never seen before. This poster will focus on how we analyzed videos of our participants interacting with the robot. We coded for behaviors that we believe to be measures of comfort and (indirectly) how well people think they understand the robot.
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  • Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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