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Ecological studies in radioactivity in the Columbia River Estuary and adjacent Pacific Ocean : progress report 1 July 1972 through 31 March 1974

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  • This report presents progress accomplished during the 20-month period from 1 July 1972 through 31 March 1974 as part of the program "Ecological Studies of Radioactivity in the Columbia River Estuary and Adjacent Pacific Ocean". This program is a continuing study supported by the Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission under Contract AT(45-1)-2227, Task Agreement 12 with Oregon State University. The report format is one which has evolved in recent years. In this introductory section we attempt to describe the history and goals of the program and to identify the major physical facilities which are dedicated primarily to the program. This presentation is followed by identification of students associated with the program and then the results of recently completed thesis research. Next, staff participation in meetings is recounted. The various research projects which are underway but for which final papers have not been written are then described. In the Research in Progress section we indicate the rationale and approach to specific research projects and keep the reporting of data and conclusions to a minimum. The largest section of the report is Research Completed, wherein we reproduce manuscripts which have been submitted for publication and reprints of papers published. Papers included as reprints may have been printed in earlier progress reports as manuscripts. Although a certain amount of repetition therefore occurs, in many cases the text of published papers varies from the text originally submitted. Finally, we include a bibliography of publications from the program.
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