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The structural active-object system approach to AGV system editor implementation Public Deposited

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  • The Structural Active-Object System (SAOS) approach allows rapid development of various concurrent systems by structural and hierarchical object composition (SHOC). We implemented, as a SAOS program, a graphical editing and simulation program for automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems, which carry around parts in automated factories. It is difficult to predict the performance of an AGV system by analytical calculations, and hence a software tool that allows rapid construction and modification of a simulated AGV system is very useful. We can create an AGV system simply by placing track segments, stations, and AGVs on the graphical editor canvas. Simulation is automatically started when the first AGV is placed on the AGV track. Furthermore , the track layout can be dynamically modified during simulation, and the effects of the modifications can be immediately observed by the user.
  • Key Words and Phrases: object-oriented programming, active object system, manufacturing control, AGV, FMS, graphical editor, structural composition, hierarchical composition.
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