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Evidence Based Review Workshop for Forestry: Introduction & practical guidance on systematic reviews

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  • Systematic Evidence Based Review Workshop, May 7-9, 2013 (Corvallis, OR). Workshop materials and presentations.
  • This workshop was held in 107 Richardson Hall on the Corvallis campus of Oregon State University with the intended goal of introducing participants to the skills required for evidence-based natural resource analysis. These skills include: framing answerable questions to address policy & practice concerns, finding the best available evidence to answer the question, recognizing the limitations of available studies and problems of bias, critically appraising the evidence for its validity and usefulness, planning a systematic review, and forming a systematic review team. The workshop explored guidance from a variety of fields that utilize an evidence-based approach, and related this to issues of high priority for natural resources regionally. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Gillian Petrokofsky of Oxford University who has worked on related training programs for researchers at CIFOR. Files attached to this record include speakers’ presentation slides, handouts and the registration webpage with contact information. These are preserved as PDFs. Additional information is available on the OSU Library Guide created for this workshop at: http://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/2013serworkshop
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  • Local sponsors of this workshop included the Oregon State University Forestry and Natural Resources Extension, the Northwest Fire Consortium and the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the US Forest Service. Speakers were representative of the Institute for Natural Resources, OSU Libraries and Press, Oregon Department of Forestry.
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