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Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation - Invasive Plant Species Management Plan

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  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Invasive species are one of the most significant threats to native ecosystems in the nation (Mooney, 2001). As defined by Federal Executive Order 13112, a species is considered invasive if it is not native to the ecosystem under consideration, and its establishment causes or is likely to cause economic, environmental or human harm (Exec. Order No. 13112, 3 C.F.R. (1999). Since its inception in 1987, Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation has been trying to curb the exponential growth of invasive species within its park borders (Horne, 2015). In recognition of the impacts to the natural, cultural, fiscal, and overall health from invasive species, Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation has authorized the development of the GCPR Invasive Plant Species Management Plan. The GCPR IPSMP was developed for the purpose of coordinating the goals of invasive species control, eradication, and prevention within the parks system. The plan, provides broad strategies and recommendations for invasive species survey and detection, control and prevention. It also addresses appropriate habitat restoration, staff training, and public outreach and education. It is expected that this Capstone Project will be the cornerstone towards the department’s vision for invasive species management for the future. The realization of this document would not have been arrived at without the support from the Oregon State University school of Forestry and the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Division.
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