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All the water in the ocean– all the books on the sea: collaborative collection development in Oregon’s marine laboratory branch libraries and beyond

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  • Oregon’s two marine laboratory libraries (located at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport and UO’s Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston) have collaborated for 17 years on collection development. We share the same research environments– the Northeast Pacific Ocean and the Oregon coast. While our researchers and students take different approaches, their information needs often overlap, so building our collections in consultation with each other has always made sense. Facing increasing budget pressures, we are rethinking how to further reduce duplication in our collections and still ensure access to the information and resources our patrons need. In this presentation we will describe our experiences in working towards the concept of ‘one collection in multiple locations’ and how well that ultimately ends up serving the needs of our patrons. Our approach to collection development is closely tied to open access of resources, resource sharing and shared responsibilities. Progress made on those fronts in the marine sciences may be transferable to other subject specialties and our challenges may suggest different strategies for collaborative collection development.
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