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Fleshy fungi fruiting in the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest : a partial list of collections from fall 1970 to spring 1972

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  • The fleshy carpophores of fungi fruiling, on soil and litter were collected from watersheds 2, 3, and 10, IBP sites located in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest near Blue River, Oregon (122° W, 44° N). No effort was made to systematize collections: all carpophores in fresh condition seen were taken. Collections were made from October, 1970 to April, 1972; generally, the more fungi fruiting, the more often trips to collect were made. Attempts were made to culture all fungi from fresh and large enough specimens, though only few positive cultures were obtained. Specimens were dried and deposited in the OSU herbarium. In addition, those collections of Dr. James Trappe and Robert Fogel, made from the Andrews, are included in the list. I would like to aknowledge the help of Dr. D. E. Stuntz and Dr. Alexander Smith in identification of some collections. Needless to say this list is hardly complete; it is presented with the expectation that changes, additions and deletions will be sent to the author, by those who know the fungal flora and have made collections in the Andrews and nearby.
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