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Water temperature prediction and control study, Umpqua River Basin

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  • Tiller Reservoir In an average year the reservoir is capable of holding water temperatures in South Umpqua River below 70° F. for a wide range of regulation schedules. In a year of maximum temperature, it will also hold temperatures below 700 F. but flexibility of operation will be restricted. Regulations designed to control water temperatures in South Umpqua River will have no significant influence on water temperatures in the main stem of the Umpqua River because of the large volume contributed by the unregulated North Umpqua River. Galesville Reservoir The reservoir has the capability to hold water temperatures in Cow Creek below 70° F. in an average year provided nearly the entire storage capacity is regulated for temperature control. In a year of maximum temperature, only about one-half of the length of Cow Creek below the reservoir can be held below 70° F. for the entire summer. Hinkle Reservoir The reservoir is capable of holding water temperatures in Calapooya Creek below 70° F. for all meteorological conditions. Substantial flexibility of reservoir regulation will be available in average years.
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