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BLM addendum for Lower North Umpqua Watershed assessment : fifth field watershed Public Deposited

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  • Within the Lower North Umpqua watershed, BLM has acquired approximately 6,600 acres of land specifically to manage habitat to enhance the Columbian White-tailed Deer (CWTD). This area is called the North Bank Habitat Management Area (NBHMA) and will be managed as described in the NBHMA Environmental Impact Statement. The BLM also manages an additional 5,780 acres for multiple use objectives. These lands are mostly scattered in the headwater region in the north and northwest of the watershed. Within the next five to ten years, it is likely that the Swiftwater Field Manager will need to be involved in some aspect of decision-making on those 5,780 acres with the following general areas. These areas have been used to help guide the key questions, the information to answer those questions, and the resulting management opportunities. A major assumption in the development of these key questions is that the Roseburg District Resource Management Plan (RMP) has given some prescriptive measures through the landscape land use allocations. Because the RMP sets standards and guidelines on each land use allocation and the kinds of activities that can occur in those land uses, this watershed assessment seeks to provide information to guide decision making within those overarching planning parameters.
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