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The Role of Service Managers in Redeveloping Oregon Digital Public Deposited

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  • Oregon Digital is a cultural heritage digital library that emphasizes the history of Oregon and, in particular, the histories of the University of Oregon and Oregon State University, the two entities that built the platform. Originally released in 2014, Oregon Digital is currently being upgraded to the latest version of the Samvera community's Hyrax release, a process that is also including a major refresh of look and functionality, and revisioning of how information professionals and technologists collaborate. In this presentation, the project’s two Service Managers - a digital scholarship librarian from the UO and an archivist from OSU - share their personal stories about assuming the role of Service Manager, and provide an overview of how the 2018 Oregon Digital development initiative has progressed. The presentation specifically focuses on how the Service Manager role has been shaped; where UO and OSU service management overlaps (and diverges); and how user stories and advocacy have played a major role in digital repository interactive experiences. The presenters will also cover blockers to progress and lessons learned along the way, while concluding with thoughts on the future of Oregon Digital community management and outreach within the context of special collections and university archives, and digital scholarship services and programming.
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