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Annotated bibliography on the role of foliage-feeding insects in the forest ecosystem Public Deposited

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  • This bibliography, an apparently haphazard sampling of literature from many sources, grew out of a general project that was intended to elucidate the role of consumers in the forest system. The 124 articles briefly abstracted here are ones that give some insight into the role of foliage-feeding insects. The process of consumption and its effect on the forest were explored most thoroughly. This is by no means a complete listing; however, some review articles are cited that will provide an in-depth look into a few specialized subjects. I had three objectives in this search of the literature: (1) to locate materials relevant to the impact or role of foliage-feeding insects in the forest system, (2) to aid in forming concepts of possible control functions exerted by these insects, and (3) to find information necessary for building energy-flow models. Literature strictly related to the stated objectives was scarce. Closely allied fields also were explored and articles containing data, models, and background information on insects in other systems are included in the bibliography. Population models are not included, because some good bibliographies already list them. Originally, the direct impact of insects on forest trees was the subject for the literature search, but the subject was expanded as more facets of the role of foliage-feeding insects became apparent. The topic was expanded to include (1) the gross observed impact of defoliation and (2) aspects of tree physiology that could be affected by insects, but where insects are not directly considered. Because the process of consumption was an important focal point, literature on factors that affect consumption rates--such as feeding stimulation, assimilation efficiency, ability to locate food, nutritional requirements, and food quality--also were explored. Insect energetics and environmental effects on physiological processes were included in the literature search to aid in the formulation of energy-flow models. I hope this bibliography will serve, not just as a listing, but as a stimulant to a greater expansion of the topics explored. Each article included here has been abstracted briefly and given a set of key words. Some articles were of interest mainly because they contained relevant data. How these data were related is included in the abstract. A sampling of the table headings gives the gist of the contents. Articles with background material for concepts may have only topics of discussion listed. Key ideas were given when these could be expressed briefly. Many articles contain much more information than is indicated by the abstract or key word set. Inclusion of articles and of specific information within their abstracts was at the discretion of the reviewer with, presumably, the rational objectives in mind.
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