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Observations from moorings on the Oregon continental shelf, May-August 2001 : a component of the Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport (COAST) experiment

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  • This report documents the oceanographic and meteorological measurements made by the Mooring Observations component of the Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport (COAST) project during the upwelling experiment from May to August 2001. The focus of COAST is to study the cross-shelf transport processes in a wind-driven system by making field observations together with ocean and atmospheric modeling. The extensive upwelling field program included measurements of the physical, biological, and chemical fields made from moorings, ships, aircraft, and coastal radar. The upwelling experiment in 2001 focused on two regions. One region, located north of Newport around 45°N, features a narrow, almost two-dimensional shelf. The other region is south of Newport and centered on Heceta Bank, around 44.2 °N, where the shelf is much wider and topography much more complicated. Comparing and contrasting these two regions will help test hypotheses regarding cross-shelf transport and its effect on the circulation, biology and chemistry of the coastal ocean. The data time series are reported and plotted with reference to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). However, for convenience the time reference of the logistic information in this report is local (Pacific Daylight Time).
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