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Scientific review by the marine science advisory panel of Oregon University System scientists of the US Commission on ocean policy preliminary report for Governor Kulongoski's Oregon response

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  • The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy (USCOP) has articulated a set of overarching Guiding Principles to frame the creation of a new national ocean policy. When taken collectively, these principles provide a careful, circumspect, and ambitious context from which to develop policies that will promote vibrant coastal communities, healthy and resilient ecosystems, abundant wildlife, sustainable fisheries, clean and safe shorelines, and enjoyable and inspirational recreational opportunities—in short, the visions that Oregonians articulate for their coast and ocean. The Guiding Principles align closely with Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals, policies, and values. In fact, they underscore the importance of weighing long-term interests more heavily than short-term ones in the balance of competing uses. They are holistic in geographic scope, rather than focused on a single component of a complex ecosystem. The USCOP Guiding Principles were conceived to foster an atmosphere of objective scientific inquiry to form the basis of policy and decision-making to reconcile the diverse needs of all Oregonians.
  • Keywords: Estuary, Shellfish, Beach, Fish, Kelp, Estuarine, Habitat, Algae, Marine, Indicators, Freshwater, Mammals
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