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Politics, Memes, and Culture Jamming: Meme Culture’s Potential to Engage Youth in Politics Public Deposited

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  • In today’s world, memes have become a second language. They are used to explain emotions, make fun of our friends, convey inside jokes, comment on the world around us, and so much more. They are a quick way to show a friend how you are feeling or to start a conversation. Nowadays, there is a meme for almost every situation, and the topics range from what your dog is thinking, to politics, and truly everything in between. While memes are often funny and used as a form of entertainment, some memes take on a more serious role in society. Memes have become a way for people to present new ideas and challenge societal ideologies. This is a new and emerging form of activism that deserves our attention. Using DeLaure and Fink’s (2017) idea of culture jamming and its modes of operation, I will argue that political memes are a method of culture jamming and could create new ways to engage youth in politics and social issues. I will do this first by defining culture jamming and its modes of operation; then I will explain the idea of political memes and how they function. Finally, I will draw conclusions about the implications of using memes and culture jamming as a political tool from this analysis.
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