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  • As it was conceptualized, the manual is aligned with other field manual that are currently in use by different universities, such as Mississippi State University, Stephen F Austin, or University of British Columbia. The present manual is the first unified version of Louisiana Tech University of a Field Manual to be used in conjunction with the Forest Measurements course. The manual covers both forest inventory techniques that are traditionally used in cruising, such as preset intensity inventory, as well as modern techniques, such as distance sampling. The manual is dedicated to layout in great details all the steps required for successful completion of a forest inventory. To each technique a special section is dedicated to the possible usage of the respective technique, such as distance sampling can be used in forest inventory, fuel load or forest planning. A series of visual aids were used to enhance the presentation. The images, drawings, or chart presented are either produced by the author or courtesy of the US Forest Service, which states that “Photographs and images on this website (i.e., http://www.fs.fed.us/) are publicly owned, produced by Forest Service employees or other government agencies and institutions; or, have been obtained from non-governmental organizations and private photographers with their permission to use them on this website. Photographs included on this website that are publicly owned are available for free for non-commercial scientific and educational uses.” In text the graphical aids obtained from the US Forest Service website were identified in the caption.
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