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Mobile Interactive Data Acquisition System (MIDAS)

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  • MIDAS is an application framework for remote data acquisition and visualization that allows dynamic reconfiguration of its constituent components. There are three types of reconfiguration, namely, component replacement, component interposition and component deletion. A two-phase protocol to maintain the consistency of the system during reconfiguration is described. MIDAS has a multi-tiered architecture. This architecture is illustrated with a visual model. The model was described with Unified Modeling Language (UML) during the design and analysis phase. Two applications of the MIDAS framework are described. The first application uses a sensor to measure the temperature, pressure and humidity of the atmosphere. In this application, the components that provide timing information can be dynamically reconfigured. The second experiment measures natural fluorescence emitted by phytoplankton. In this experiment, the component that models the daytime light cycle and the components that provide timing information can be dynamically replaced. In both these applications, filter components can be dynamically inserted to filter the sampled data. These filter components can be deleted when they are no longer required.
  • 1998 best estimate for issue date based on available information.
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