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Upper ocean water properties and currents along paired sections in the Northern California current, spring 1998-2003

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  • As part of the U. S. GLOBEC NorthEast Pacific Program we made repeated seasonal hydrographic surveys in the northern California Current system (Figure 1) between July 1997 and September 2003. These surveys included early spring sampling along a pair of hydrographic sections, one north (at 44.6ºN) and one south (at 41.9ºN) of Cape Blanco (Figure 1) in six years (1998-2003). The seasonal onset of coastal upwelling associated with the California Current normally occurs during a large-scale spring transition in early spring, when winds reverse, and sea level falls (Strub et al., 1987). Time series of the coastal upwelling index (Figure 2) and of coastal sea level (Figure 3) indicate that our spring cruise occurred after the spring transition in each year except 2003. This is the second in a series of data reports whose purpose is to show differences and similarities between the coastal upwelling domains north and south of Cape Blanco. As in the earlier report for the summer season (Fleischbein et al., 2005), we present graphical summaries of the physical oceanographic and biochemical observations along both sections, principally in the form of zonal sections (0-160 km from shore, 0-150 m depth). We also show offshore profiles of a few selected properties, and some characteristic diagrams (T-S, oxygen-S, etc.).
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