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Marine reserve impacts : why have marine reserves been established in Oregon?

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  • Overview: Marine reserves are a type of marine protected area with full protections. This means that taking of marine species within an Oregon Marine Reserve is never allowed. Many studies from around the world show that marine reserves can provide long-term conservation benefits to marine organisms, populations, and biodiversity. In this lesson, students learn about the goals that have been set for Oregon’s Marine Reserves, and how scientific data is being collected to help determine whether the goals are being met.
  • Learning Goals: Students will learn the following: • Oregon’s five marine reserves were established to protect marine ecosystems. • Researchers collect data over many years to determine the impacts of marine reserves and whether the goals for the reserves are being met. • Understanding the impacts of marine reserves can inform and improve fishery management decisions.
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  • The 2019-20 ORSEA materials are based upon work supported by Oregon Sea Grant and the Oregon Coast STEM Hub, as well as the National Science Foundation Regional Class Research Vessels under Cooperative Agreement No. 1333564 Award: OCE-1748726.



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