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  • With the growth of Internet technologies, online-based foreign language curricula are being introduced at large numbers of institutions internationally. This peer-reviewed volume, geared towards a broad audience, presents innovative research on online language teaching, with chapters by highly engaged scholars and practitioners from the U.S. and Europe, with a strong background in applied linguistics and language pedagogy. Questions addressed include: the (dis)advantages of non-traditional delivery modes; the coexistence of online-based approaches with other modes of instruction; promoting student motivation and involvement; ‘quality’ and assessment of online-based curriculum and teaching; student and instructor expectations; and design and administration of online language curricula.
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  • Sanz-Sánchez, I, Rivera-Mills, S V and Morin, R 2017 Online Language Teaching Research: Pedagogical, Academic and Institutional Issues. Corvallis, OR: Trysting Tree Books. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5399/osu.ubi1. License: CC-BY 4.0
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Table of Contents
  • - Social Networking Site Participation and Language Learner Motivation - Adrienne Gonzales
  • - Between SLA Theory and Student Perceptions: Best Practices - Pamela L. Anderson-Mejías
  • - Building and Sustaining Language Degrees Online: The Case of German and Spanish - Sebastian Heiduschke and David Prats)
  • - In Search of the Perfect Blend: An ESL Hybrid Course for Prospective Primary Teachers - María Fernández Agüero and Isabel Alonso Belmonte)
  • - Introduction - Robert J. Blake
  • - Conclusion: The Future of Online Language Teaching Research - Israel Sanz-Sánchez and Regina Morin
  • - Synchronous Video Chat Sessions in a TESOL Online Graduate Course: Instructor Roles and Best Practices - Esther Smidt, Ashley McAndrew, and Brian McDyre)
  • - Can You Repeat, Please? L2 Complexity, Awareness, and Fluency Development in the Hybrid “Classroom” - Gabriel A. Guillén, Robert J. Blake
  • - Elements of Good Design: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric to Develop Language Courses - Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza)
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  • 978-0-9996872-0-8



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