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The Effect of Deviance On Solidarity Public Deposited

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  • This research project seeks to explain the relationship between deviance and solidarity among individuals, as put forth in structural functionalism, and more importantly anomie. Using the work of Emile Durkheim as a theoretical framework, this essay takes the concepts of deviance and solidarity and explains the relationship with solidarity depending on deviance. Generally in society a person will participate in deviance or crime for a number of different reasons such as wealth or maybe just to make a point. After committing this act a person will feel a sense of normlessness or a distance from the community around them. Durkheim has termed this sense of normlessness as anomie or a break of social bonds between an individual and the community. So in order for a person to regain that connection to the people around him, he must find a person or group of people that have either felt this way before or in some cases, actively participate in this form of deviance. This connection is solidarity, and it comes from a person or a group of people that create unity based on shared interests or objectives. Learning the connection between deviance and solidarity is important because it shows what in our society needs to change. Deviance is broken down by most people into what they feel is “right” and “wrong”, and these feelings come from what society teaches them is the norm. So, people start engaging in these “wrong” behaviors, they will seek others who have done it, creating solidarity. Therefore, as a deviant act becomes more accepted in society, more people will engage in this act. As this solidarity grows society will need to evaluate if said deviant act is in fact a deviant act. Deviance is one of society‘s ways in making people reassess their values and possibly change them. Using the General Social Survey 2010 Cross-Section and Panel Combined from the Data Archive on the Association of Religion Data Archives or the ARDA, this essay will prove the connection between deviance and solidarity.
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