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Final research report on Water Resources Research Institute project entitled the influence of benthic bark deposits on the aquatic community and the quality of natural waters

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  • The water storage and transport of logs is commonplace in the Pacific Northwest. The affect of this activity on water quality was the subject of a comprehensive study reported earlier by this investigator (1). Pollutional impacts studied included the character and quantity of leachate from floating logs; quantification of bark losses from dumping, transport, and storage practices; and the fate of bark lost from water stored logs. The study also included an evaluation of the benthic oxygen demand resulting from deposits of bark and other wood debris. Perhaps the most critical problem not considered in the earlier study was the effect of bark deposits on the benthic ecosystem, including numerous species of macro-invertibrates. These and other organisms are important links in the food chain for fish and shellfish which inhabit lakes, streams, and estuaries used for log storage.
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  • United States. Department of the Interior. Office of Water Resources Research
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