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  • In spite of imperfections, this monograph is useful in locating bird skins collected along the Oregon Coast that are stored in about 80 museums. This monograph lists over 11,000 records of skins for 279 bird species and 192 records of skeletons for 52 bird species. Each record includes the species, subspecies (if given), sex or age class, date of collection, location of collection, collector, and museum number. Most bird skins were collected in Tillamook County, but most bird skeletons were from Lincoln County. 62% of the bird skins were collected in the 1930's and 1940's with five collectors accounting for 74% of the skins. 61% of the bird skeletons were collected in the 1970's and 1980's with the top five collectors collecting 65% of the skeletons. Each record is indexed by species, subspecies, collection site (i.e., county, beached or pelagic specimen, offshore island, lake, and/or shell mound), and collector.
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  • Bayer, Range D. 1989. Records of bird skins collected along the Oregon Coast. Studies in Oregon Ornithology No. 7.
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  • Gahmken Press Purpose -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Abstract -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of Tables -- Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION AND METHODS -- Chapter 2. SIMPLE ANALYSES OF RECORDS -- Appendix I. Bird skins that appear to have been lost from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife collection at Oregon State University -- Appendix II. Two of Burleigh's lost bird skin records for the Oregon Coast -- Appendix III. List of collections without, with, or perhaps with noncoastal Lane or Douglas County bird skin records -- Appendix IV. Bird skin records collected in noncoastal Lane County or Douglas County for 11 collections in which these records are known -- Appendix V. Decade of collection for collectors of bird skins, skeletons, and specimens preserved in alcohol along the Oregon Coast -- Appendix VI. Alphabetized scientific names and corresponding common names of birds mentioned in this monograph -- Literature Cited -- Index I. Alphabetized Listing of Species, Subspecies, Hybrids, Albinos, and Road Kills -- Index II. Alphabetized Location of Collection: County, Beached, Island, Lake, Pelagic, or Shell Mound -- Index III. Alphabetized Listing of Collectors
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