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Foresters in Action : Voices from the Past : Transcripts from Oregon State College Student Radio, 1938-1940 Public Deposited

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  • Foresters in Action was a radio program created and performed by students of the OSC School of Forestry. It was broadcast by KOAC radio station in Corvallis from 1936 until ca. 1943. The program offered snapshots of rural life in the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes beyond, told through a collegiate lens. This book is a collection of 38 radio scripts from Foresters in Action, spanning the time period from Winter Term 1938 through Spring Term 1940. The collection was donated to the OSU College of Forestry by the family of Arthur Harold Sasser ('41), an alumnus of the OSC Forestry School who wrote for and performed in Foresters in Action. The scripts have been transcribed, lightly edited, and digitized at the College for this collection. Each episode contains one or more lengthy anecdotes about the experiences of students, forest rangers, lookouts, fictitious characters, and historical figures in the great outdoors, either narrated or re-enacted via flashbacks, and tied together with good-natured banter, musical performances, and jokes. Stories of working, hunting, fishing, logging, and fighting fires are interspersed with discussions on the best ways to manage public and private lands, balance ecological and commercial interests, and provide outreach on natural resources to rural residents. The scripts are connected by two constant themes—conservation and cooperation—as well as by the evident camaraderie among the OSC Forestry students of this era, their pride in their chosen profession, and their optimism about the future. This collection of radio scripts for Foresters in Action offers an educational, colorful, engaging, and still entertaining glimpse of college humor and Oregon culture 75 years ago.
  • Keywords: Forest Service, KOAC, CCC, fire lookouts, Foresters, Oregon State College, conservation, Radio transcripts
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  • Bernart, Bryan, and Caryn M. Davis, editors. 2014. Foresters in Action: Voices from the Past; Transcripts from Oregon State College Student Radio, 1938-1940. College of Forestry, Oregon State University, Corvallis. 362 p.
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