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Developing a Practice of Representation for Women Athletes in OSU Digital Collections Public Deposited

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  • In 2022, a metadata remediation project was organized to promote equal treatment of men’s and women’s sports materials in Oregon State University’s digital collections. The legacy practice was to describe works concerning women’s sports at OSU using subjects and titles that indicate gender, but to omit gendered terms for works about men’s sports, resulting in a representation of men’s sports as a default and women’s sports as an exception. This practice was implicitly supported by the selection of subject headings available in LCSH. According to principles of promoting gender equity, describing materials accurately and consistently, and enabling users to find and understand resources, OSU Libraries piloted a new description policy within a popular collection of athletics materials in the Oregon Digital repository. The project included minting a set of subject terms in our linked open data vocabulary management system, allowing us to indicate both sport and gender in a consistent manner for all items in the collection.
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  • Key, C. (2022, Oct. 12). Developing a practice of representation for women athletes in OSU Digital Collections [Conference presentation]. DLF 2022 Forum, Baltimore, MD, United States.
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  • Baltimore, MD, USA
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