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Librarianship at the intersection of engineering and business

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  • Oregon State University has initiated two programs that engage engineering students in entrepreneurship. The first program is an entrepreneurship minor available through the College of Business that enrolls engineering and science majors in the same courses with business students. The second is the Austin Entrepreneurship Program, a residential program offered through the College of Business and designed to give engineering and other students with entrepreneurial interests a chance to “live, dine, work and dream together in an incubator community.” It is scheduled to open in a renovated historic residence hall in Fall term, 2004. OSU Libraries is looking for ways to positively impact the entrepreneurship program by understanding the information needs of the community. The nature of information-seeking behaviors and information needs of engineers and business students presents a number of challenges, as do the as yet unknown needs of the entrepreneurship program. This paper explores ways OSU Libraries can address these challenges and contribute to the new focus through collections, services, instruction and research. Also addressed are the roles librarians can play to further the success of the entrepreneurship endeavors.
  • Keywords: Business, Engineering, Librarians, Libraries
  • Keywords: Business, Engineering, Librarians, Libraries
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  • Proceedings of the 2004 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition
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