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  • This presentation talks about 1) data repositories in general, what they are, how to select one, and characteristics of good data repositories. 2) Alternatives to data repositories. 3) ScholarsArchive@OSU as a data repository: who it is for, what is the deposit process, and how to prepare datasets for submission. This dataset was prepared as part of the work of Research Data Services at the Oregon State University Libraries and Press to talk to researchers at Oregon State University about using the institutional repository, ScholarsArchive@OSU, to deposit their research data. A version of this presentation is presented during the ScholarsArchive@OSU as a data repository workshop, given as part of OSU's Library Workshops for Grad Students & Faculty. This presentation can be given in about 30 minutes, but it is designed to start a conversation with the researchers, so it usually takes about an hour to deliver, including questions and answers. For the third part of the presentation, about ScholarsArchive@OSU, it helps to have a browser open with ScholarsArchive@OSU and demonstrate how to deposit datasets. This record contains the presentation in two formats: power point, and pdf. The presentation includes notes that can be seen in the notes section of the power point file, and are also saved in a txt file.
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  • Llebot, C. (2018). ScholarsArchive@OSU as a data repository [Presentation].
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