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  • Oakland is a quiet, peaceful little town on the Calapooya Creek surrounded by rolling hills and little valleys. This little booklet is written with the intention of preserving the history of our pioneers and contains a number of the names of the people who took doriation Land Claims and is written to show the hardships they endured, the way they lived and what they did to make a living. I have written about many people including myself but these same stories apply to many other people also. In this booklet I have endeavored to write a rather extensive presentation of historical facts that should be of unusual interest and value to many readers in this locality. I didn't wish to write a large book so! have tried to make my articles as short as possible. This community is rich In Pioneer material that Is available concerning the history of this section and its people. On the other hand almost every article and story has some point on which accurate Information could not be obtained so I have tried to stay away from these articles where dates were not too accurate and in some articles I didn't mention dates because no two people could agree on the same dates. Everyone should leave some good behind him before he leaves this earth: this little booklet is my contribution that I leave in memory of our ancestors. I have long regretted I did not observe more order and care in preserving these precious memorials to the years that are gone. The past years have been so crowded It is a wonder I ever found time to preserve these written words at all. I hope all who read this little booklet will turn the pages very carefully and preserve the memories of Oakland and vicinity.
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