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Assessing the History of Physical Activity Education’s Future: Innovations, Praxis, and Evidence Public Deposited

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  • Known events occur in life that are associated with steep drop-offs in physical activity behavior. One such event is the transitional period between late adolescence and early adulthood, particularly the completion of high school and start of college or university. The reduction associated with this transition has been reported to be as high as 62.5 percent. In the United States the National Physical Activity Plan recommends strategies and tactics that – if implemented at scale – would improve upon this situation. The strategies and tactics proposed span nine societal sectors, one of which is Education. Within Education, Strategy 5 states, “Colleges and universities should provide students and employees with opportunities and incentives to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles.” There are six tactics recommended for this strategy, the first of which is: “Provide physical activity opportunities through courses that contribute to graduation requirements for undergraduate students.” Contrary to this tactic, there is evidence that physical activity education graduation requirements have diminished over time on college and university campuses in America. In an effort to curb this situation and to promote sustainable development in this area, the scientific evidence supporting the short- and long-term value of these courses will be reviewed and recommendations for future research and praxis will be advanced. The accumulated evidence presented can serve as the basis for a policy and/or advocacy document on college and university campuses that are undergoing review, thwarting off challenges, or proactively trying to add a requirement. This presentation is built in seven sequential sections.
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  • Cardinal, B. J. (2019, May 19). Assessing the history of physical activity education’s future: Innovations, praxis, and evidence. Keynote address presented at the 9th Institute of Physical Education International Conference 2019, “Creative Innovations in Sports for Sustainable Development,” Bangkok, Thailand.
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  • Bangkok, Thailand
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