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Introducing the OPEnS HUB 2.0 - A Versatile, In situ, Remote, Sensor Hub Public Deposited

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  • Research in geoscience often requires transmission of significant amounts of data from remote locations. The emergence of microcontrollers and open-source sensors are allowing connectivity to affordable, distributed in-situ monitoring. This report describes the OPEnS Hub, a modular data hub orders of magnitude cheaper than commercial dataloggers when scaled to multiple nodes. The test Hub has achieved consistent transmission up to one fourth of a mile in a densely forested basin and pushed nearly half a million data points from a network of open-source weather stations and soil probes as a real-time stream to Google Sheets. The Hub can process 12 variables from each device, and telemetry options range from LoRa, nRF, GSM, and wired ethernet. The inherently modular nature of the Hub means the user can adapt the transmission protocol to suit the unique context of each deployment.
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